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Website re-designs are becoming a major part of our business, now that the Internet reaches a level of maturity and most established businesses already have a website.

Why have a re-design?

Tastes, styles and technology all change. A website that was built 3, 4 or 5 years ago may be looking quite dated now, the same way that your brochures or other advertising materials from 5 years ago might.

Considering that your website is your "shopfront" to the world, you need to make it well presented so it portrays your website in the best possible light.

How often should a website be re-designed?

The answer differs from company to company and will depend on many factors. For example, if a site was built professionally on a reasonable budget, it will likely date slower than one built on a tight budget. The more you invest in your website the greater it's lifespan.

Some of our customers religously have their websites re-designed on a 2-3 year cycle, particularly e commerce website design for the consumer market. It depends on your business and the impression you want to create.

What's involved?

Often a re-design is a case of just starting again with a complete fresh site (keeping the existing domain name). On other occassions, particularly with ecommerce & database sites, it's more a case of giving a site a new "skin" and preserving the underlying data.

There are particular sensitivities with site re-designs: keeping page names the same to preserve search engine rankings and keeping the existing site up and then implementing a smooth changeover are just two requirements.

If you are considering a website re-design, give us a call and we can work out the most suitable way to implement it for your needs.

Call us now on 01622 752435 to discuss your requirements.

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