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What is Flash?

Flash is the programming language used to make animation for web pages and completley animated web sites.

How can it be used on a website?

Flash can be used in several ways. You can include a small "snippet" - perhaps and animated picture or logo within a standard website, perhaps make butons animated, use it to embed small "movie" clips or at the other end of the spectrum you can have your whole site built in Flash.

Note: For ecommerce web site design we would not recommend anything other than small snippets of Flash.

Why would I want to use it?

When used wisely it can add to the overall quality of design of your website. However, too much Flash can potentially distract a visitor.

Why build my whole site in Flash?

There are disadvantages to this which is why few sites are completely Flash. First, they are difficult for search engines to index. Second, they are heavier on bandwidth (meaning they load slower - particularly for those on "dial up" connections). And thirdly they invariably cost more.

However, they can add a unique user experience if you want somethign out of the ordinary.

That said, Flash is particularly favoured by companies in certain industries - particularly Music, Visual Arts, and New media amongst others.

How can I Incorporate some Flash into my website?

There are several ways to use a bit of Flash without getting too costly and complicated. A Flash animated introduction page is one way. Animation of Logos is another (see www.specialcarrier.com for an example of both).


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