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For your ecommerce web site, you will need a way to accept payments (otherwise known as a merchant account).

Here are the most popular options:

Obtain a merchant account with your high street bank

This is the best option in terms of cost and credibility, but it depends on having a good relationship with your bank, and they may need to see business plans etc. It also requires you have a good credit record.


Worldpay is an option for those who can't get an account with their bank. They generally take a higher percentage (around 4.5%) and you have to wait 30 days for your money. One good point is that their system is totally integrated and includes real time card processing, so you never have to see a card number and process it.


Paypal used to be very popular with Ebay-ers but is now quite mainstream with ecommerce sites, but some people frown upon it. Easy to get an account, charges can be a bit high. Good to use as an option coupled with another payment method.

Google Checkout

Still relatively new, easy to use from the customers perspective, but like Paypal perhaps needs to be offered as an alternative rather than sole payment method.

If you are confused about merchant accounts or are encountering problems give us a call on 01622 752435 and we can advise you.

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